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Business planning framework tailored to ignite, challenge
and realise success.
Build your future.

Licensed consultancy development programme.

GrowthSprint is a formulated training and consultancy programme.  Our proven methodology assists you to collaborate, develop and execute strategic growth plans.  We offer five services options to our clients and consultant partners.

We can guide and support your business with expert business strategy advice. With 30+ years of experience operating across the globe we’ve worked with start-ups, scaling companies and family owned firms.


Providing a structured training programme we can take a cohort of learners through a development journey.  We tailor training programmes to combine classroom workshops and hands-on practical development exercises.


Set yourself aside  in a crowded business consultancy market.  Using our training material,  online whiteboards and guidance, you can win more business with our certified license practitioner program.


To kick-off an event, or as a thought leader, we can provide your project with a tailored talk to presentation to discuss strategy development, business planning and funding. Delivered with positivity, and countless stories.

Diane Roberts

Scale and accelerate your business with our Growth Venture Lab with an intensive 12-Week program using the GrowthSprint framework. We focus on analysis, dealing with risk and creating winning plans.

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What Our Clients Say?

Diane and her team were of great assistance in our founding days, to today, where we face challenges of growth. We are grateful for this continued support to our business.

XPinnovates have great knowledge, advice and direction. Having their support and guidance got us manufacturing and to market much quicker than would otherwise would have been possible.

Clare Medland
CEO, Rolltack

We used XP Innovates through the Intertrade E-Merge scheme and can’t praise them enough for their fantastic work. Instead of writing just another plan or strategy they worked with us through each challenge. Their vast commercial experience mean’t they had seen and addressed many of our challenges before.…More

I was fortunate enough to have Diane as my Business Advisor on the International Selling Programme. Her knowledge, guidance and support throughout the course was brilliant and she was able to offer a lot to each of us in our cohort group through her in-depth knowledge of business…More

Mark was a great mentor and advisor during my time on Northern Ireland's premier business start up programme - Propel. He is knowledgeable, supportive and challenging and a fully appreciates the time and effort one has to put in, to both start and build a business. Even now,…More

Franz Schlindwein

Mark is an extremely knowledgeable consultant, entrepreneur, and business adviser to start-up companies. He is a pleasure to work with as he understands his client’s needs and vision. I would recommend Mark's services at any time

Celine Magill
MD, ArtOnFashion

The team at XPinnovates showed an incredible depth of experience and insight, when they worked with us on a new cross-border sales project and supported us with their bid tender management expertise.

The XPinnovates team was great to work with. They helped us nail our core business pitch which is so important when you’re looking for funding.

St.John Harold
Founder, Cyberlytic

Diane changed my life and my business. She has been a consultant to me and my company, The Alignment Collective, for the past year with incredible results. She has guided me through contract negotiations, creating the business architecture, putting fee structures and incentive bonuses in place, and she…More

Not only did Diane provide excellent advice and direction during our initial US market analysis but she gave us outstanding strategic support and network reach as we developed our Americas business. The result was a multi-million dollar US presence within 18 months.

Vincent Ryan
Strategic Advisor and Board Member

I worked with Mark and Diane over a few months to help get a firm grip on my positioning, proposition, and sales pipeline. They really delivered on all three fronts - but the real benefit, for me, was in having access to both Mark & Diane, and their…More

I have had the great pleasure of working with Mark on a number of startup programmes in Belfast. Mark is a super guy and it is always good fun to work with. He is an excellent mentor and is very considerate and always comes up with some fantastic…More

Raomal Perara
Consultant, Adjunct Professor INSEAD

I've known Mark for over four years and been involved in his lean start-up weekends as well as Xcell Partners incubator/accelerator activities,  in which I've witnessed how great he is at motivating, inspiring and educating entrepreneurs about the difficulties of starting and growing a new business venture. Mark's…More

Norbert Sagnard
CSIT - Queen's University Belfast

I had the pleasure of having Mark as a business mentor in 2015. Although I had no previous experience in business, Mark was very adaptive in his approach and guided me through almost an entire year of coaching & business progression. He was instrumental in developing the skills…More

Jason McKeown
CEO, Neurovalens

Diane has just completed working on Women in Business NI first ever Grow It programme, working with 37 business women to support them in their growth, through delivering 2 excellent workshops on strategic analysis and planning and 121 mentoring. The feedback from our participants has been amazing and…More

XPinnovates are an expert team with extensive business knowledge. Their practical advice helped The Present Tree define and focus on a strong, clear business strategy. Their advice enabled The Present Tree to focus on its ambitious vision and achieve high sales growth since launching 5 years ago. I…More

Catherine Cunningham
CEO, The Present Tree

What a fantastic day working on the 'Growth Sprint' framework with Diane. Highly recommend this framework - a real game changer, motivational and inspiring. It challenged me and my business. A definite for any business.

Olga McAteer
McAteer Properties

Diane and her team at XPinnovates were a perfect partner at the start of our journey.

Diane focused on delivering excellence - her approach to change is not to rest on her laurels but to continuously develop and stretch her team and mentors to deliver the best results and support for the start-up companies. She displays a careful balance of challenge and stretch and…More

Fiona Flynn
Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Coach

As advisors XPinnovates helped us drive our business to a different level. Their strategic advice and support were fundamental to our success.

Johnny Small
CEO, HugeRugby

XPinnovates were key to the pivotal early stages of our company strategy. Their help with developing and articulating our central value proposition remains a foundation to our success.

Chris Johnston
CEO, Adoreboard

Mark was a great source of level-headed advice in the early stages of setting up our business. His input and guidance around investment, business proposals and strategy put our company on the right track from the very beginning. I'm forever grateful.

Diarmuid Moloney
Rotor Videos

The whole programme was amazing.  I feel like I have such clarity on my vision for the future; but possibly, more importantly, I have tools to understand the problems in my business and a way to devise a strategy to solve them.  I loved the way the course started and…More

Roisin McCann RIBA RSUA MRIAI (Partner)
Marshall McCann Architects

Diane Roberts is skilled at deeply listening, identifying the essence of my problems, adept at discussing and brainstorming possible solutions, and proficient in providing strategic guidance for moving forward. She has a strong network of professional contacts to offer referrals when additional expertise is needed. Diane, exemplify these…More

Mabel Higgins
MH Fires Safety Engineers

Diane approaches problems and solutions in an efficient and intelligent manner. She is a driven contributor always striving to exceed the business’ stated goals. Her proactive approach to clients and their customers is always professional, courteous, and solution-focused. Diane’s knowledge, experience and insight ensures successful mandates and compelling…More

Don O’Brien
CEO, Dontel Consulting Inc.

The team at XPinnovates were instrumental in helping us get our idea off the ground and turning it into a viable business.

Paul Hamill
CEO, Inflyte

We received a world-class service, knowledgeable advice, expert implementation, and meaningful insights and guidance. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend XPinnovates. They know exactly what they are at.

Ellen Gunning
Irish Academy of Public Relations

Diane was instrumental in setting up some key meetings for us during a business trip to San Francisco and it is clear to us that she is well respected in both the local and international business community. As a mentor, Diane has a rare blend of IT, business,…More

Kevin McGrath

XPinnovates did a great job. As a result of Diane's teams work in one area we re thought our overall strategies and changed some previous decisions – very thought-provoking. Direct, non-political, and to the point. Will be using their services again.

Mick Daw
CEO & Chairperson, PrisymID

I’ve worked with Diane on several projects over the years, and believe that she is one of the most organized and well-connected people around. She’s been helping other entrepreneurs develop customers, contacts, and funding — and she’s got the brains and judgement to help them win.

David Taber
CEO, David Taber Associates, Inc.

Diane has been a trusted advisor to Openet and helped us establish some key relationships. She is very commercially focused.

Niall Norton, CEO, Openet Telecom Group
CEO, Openet Telecom Group

XPinnovates helped me get my business onto a solid commercial foundation, by helping me shape and craft my story of Peppup and understand core business fundamentals.

Dr. Luca Montorio
Founder, Peppup Sauce

Diane and her team provide us with great guidance and drive.  They genuinely share the passion for our success. From understanding the broadest set of tasks in running a business to setting clear strategies and planning. Excellent.

Hannah Wrixon

XPinnovates have a very unique insight into what it takes to help you grow your business with both innovation and ambition.

The XPinnovates team gave us a lot of time and support, but the key thing they helped us with was nailing our core messaging when we pitched for funding. If it wasn't for Diane and Mark's effort, we wouldn't have had the success we achieved.

Diane and Mark were our first business mentors as an early-stage university spin-out. We were accepted onto their excellent start-up program which gave us invaluable insights into company foundation, legals, IP, fundraising, business planning and so much more. They challenged us every week to go out and talk…More

Without their help, it is very unlikely our business would have grown as quickly as it did. The XPinnovates team was absolutely fundamental to me developing our core business proposition, and in particular, understanding how to approach fundraising.

GrowthSprint Framework

The GrowthSprint Framework is a comprehensive strategic planning tool designed to help businesses swiftly identify growth opportunities, set actionable objectives, and implement effective strategies. It provides a structured framework that guides organizations through market analysis, value proposition development, customer segmentation, and channel optimization.

It helps businesses define customer relationships, revenue streams, key activities, resources, partnerships, cost structures, and performance metrics. By using the GrowthSprint Framework, businesses can ensure clarity, focus, and alignment among team members, streamline the planning process, and make data-driven decisions to accelerate growth and achieve long-term success.

The canvas is open to use, can be used in printed format or online.


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